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FCA: Metro East

  • 34 Campus Ministry Huddles

  • 100 Coaches serving through FCA

  • 149 Student athletes attended FCA camps this year (2014)

  • 1,800 Students involved in FCA Ministry

What is FCA?

FCA (the Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a ministry committed to recruiting, training and challenging sports-minded male and female students on middle school, high school and college campuses to follow Jesus Christ and serve Him in their schools and in the church.


We do this by forming groups called huddles. These huddles are led by students that we train, are identified by their schools and are guided by a coach or teacher, which we also train. Huddles meet on or off their school campuses as often as weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The student leaders can select resources for their meeting. FCA provides these resources which cover a wide range of topics relevant with students today. These meetings also lead them to the Scriptures for answers and bring them closer to God. The material is inter-denominational and reaches across all boundaries. These huddles are in public, private and parochial schools in urban, suburban and ourlying areas of the metro east region.


Most of  our work is in recruiting, training and serving the volunteers which oversee and promote these huddles in their schools. We have also formed Coaches Huddles where local coaches and those associated with the huddles can be strengthened in their own spiritual lives.


We also provide area-wide events such as sports camps and clinics and a leadership camp. At these camps, student athletes can fellowship with other student athletes from area schools. These events are led by FCA staff and volunteers trainied by the staff.


FCA was foounded in 1954. The St. Louis Chapter started in 1965 and has continually served the student athletes in this area ever since. At present, we have 178 active huddles in our schools which serve about 7,000 students annually.